Research and Reading

I’m a researcher by profession and, I have to admit, by habit. The first thing I do when I want to find out about somewhere or about something is turn to books, to the web, to stories, the news, texts. I have, of course, bought a couple of books to get me in the mood for this adventure, to get the ‘Australia, here we come’ juices going (That phrase sounds revolting, but you get what I mean!).

So far I have tried to limit myself. After all, when I was offered the job it was nearly a whole year of waiting to be done before take off.


Admittedly, I did have the Lonely Planet guide from a previous trip to Australia just over a year ago, but I have become more studious in my approach to it in recent musings. This is perhaps silly given that of all the books it is the one that caters most to the tourist. And we will be navigating both some tourist things and some… ‘living there’ things. Vicky Gray’s book is more useful for the latter- its based around her experiences of emigrating to Australia for good. This is still different from our plans but you never know! Bryson’s book is perhaps my favourite. In fact I credit this one with a (still ongoing period of) Bryson mania. I’ll probably go into it in more detail at some point but suffice to say it made me significantly more excited about the move, although he is pretty nonplussed about Canberra (more on which later).


5 Months

In five months today, FIVE MONTHS, I will be moving to Canberra, Australia from England for 18months to take up a research job. I want to keep this blog to log all of the fun and games of getting to my destination and as a record of my experiences once there.

It’s going to take me a bit of time to get back into this blogging business. I’m feeling decidedly creaky!

It’s been nearly 6 months since I was offered the post, and in that time I have already put together bits and pieces. It’s starting, slowly, very slowly, to feel like this adventure might just be really going to happen. When I got offered the job I made a countdown calendar (mostly as a way of procrastinating and avoiding writing my PhD thesis). I’ve changed it a couple of times but it is a hugely long list of bureacratic nightmares- visa applications, thesis submisssions, relocation allowance planning, giving notice on the flat that I currently rent, canceling direct debits and a myriad of other fun and games!