5 Months

In five months today, FIVE MONTHS, I will be moving to Canberra, Australia from England for 18months to take up a research job. I want to keep this blog to log all of the fun and games of getting to my destination and as a record of my experiences once there.

It’s going to take me a bit of time to get back into this blogging business. I’m feeling decidedly creaky!

It’s been nearly 6 months since I was offered the post, and in that time I have already put together bits and pieces. It’s starting, slowly, very slowly, to feel like this adventure might just be really going to happen. When I got offered the job I made a countdown calendar (mostly as a way of procrastinating and avoiding writing my PhD thesis). I’ve changed it a couple of times but it is a hugely long list of bureacratic nightmares- visa applications, thesis submisssions, relocation allowance planning, giving notice on the flat that I currently rent, canceling direct debits and a myriad of other fun and games!



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