It’s getting closer…

I’ll admit I haven’t been great at keeping this so far, but in my defence I’ve been viva-ing (for my PhD) and there hasn’t been much going on in prep terms. It’s still going to take me a while to find my voice on here!

Next week we have the shippers coming to view our flat and to assess how much packing space we need. The shipping can take months!! Which means we need to be careful about what we pack for shipping and what we take in our cases. I’m also intrigued that all our outdoor shoes (and my bike) will be quarantined when it first arrives into Australia and yet the shoes in my suitcase are fine… customs fun times!

We’ve also got somewhere to stay for the first couple of weeks, with some friends, which is a huge relief as finding the right place from a distance is always a challenge. It’ll be lovely to have friendly faces when I first arrive on my own and horribly jet-lagged! The first major challenge I think will be finding somewhere to live more permanently, finding the right locale at the right price with at least some of the right facilities… but then I guess it’s just standard house finding… I’m just worried about being stung by rogue letting agents because I don’t know what’s normal practice… again thank goodness for some local friends!