Ship Ship Hooray!

Today an ‘agent’ from the shipping company popped round to size up our belongings and decide how many crates are required to transfer our stuff across the globe. It’s a strange feeling having someone going around your home, looking in cupboards and asking questions- ‘so how about this picture?’ ‘are you taking bedding and linens?’ ‘HOW many books? Goodness that is a lot’. Quite.

But they guy was lovely, and reassured us about what happens both at this end and at the delivery end- after all we don’t yet know our address in Canberra, as we’ll be spending the first couple of weeks with friends whilst we find somewhere more permanent to live… and then wait out the interim weeks in a naked, empty apartment! Sounds fun!

Its strange when you suddenly realise all the weird and wonderful things that you own- I made a list of pretty much everything in the flat that we might be taking, these included shoes (various), a teapot that wears a balaclava (terrorist teapot), a dyson hoover (which you couldn’t wrestle off me if you tried but which we will have to completely clean out or it’ll be quarantined!), several dubious pieces of ‘art’ I have produced and hung around the walls, far too many champagne flutes (can you have too many?) and myriads and myriads of books. I’ve made a list of ‘stuff’ I’d like my parents to keep in their loft whilst we are away, these include two candelabras, a china dragon, a globe with gemstone countries, and a A1 painting on a collage of a woman bathing upside down. Of course. It also appears that my partner and I have four double duvets. For a flat with ONE double bed. I feel a clear out coming on.

It was good to get the sense that the shipping is organised now though. Given that I am STILL waiting for my employers travel agency to book my flights (the dates for which I sent them nearly a month ago- a MONTH!) and a couple of important pieces of information from this end… its nice to have something feel like it’s moving forward. After all I am aware that there is a lot which we cannot sort until we get to the other end… and I don’t like uncertainty!


(Image credits: By Danny Cornelissen –, Attribution,


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