Home Spaces

I am super excited as we have booked accommodation for our first three weeks in Canberra. We were originally planning to stay with some friends but felt uncomfortable about staying for quite such a long time. We have, instead, managed to find a small flat literally two streets away from our friends which is being let at a very reasonable price for the three weeks when I (and then my partner) arrive.

It’s always worrying parting with money over the internet, and I’ll confess to having been duped out of cash this way before. Somewhat embarrassing in retrospect. This is where sites like Air BnB are particularly useful. I know they have their down sides but with all of the verifications in place, the capacity to leave feedback and follow up on issues there is at least some protection available.

Having somewhere to call ‘home’ for the first few weeks I’m hoping will make it easier to settle in. Admittedly I imagine we are going to spend a considerable about of time in those first few weeks looking for a home for the longer term, but having somewhere to chill out, cook, and sleep off the jet lag feels awesome!



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