OMG. OMG. It is one, just one month until I fly to Australia. ONE!

And there is still a frightening amount to organise. After the shipping costs of several million dollars (or so it seemed) we’ve tried to think of new ways of getting what we need out to Canberra and finding somewhere to store our remaining belongings back here. The trouble has been finding the time to do it- both in terms of time to plan and in terms of time to do it. Our weekends are jam packed with family and friends who want to see us before we go (understably, and indeed a source of delight and support!), and during the week my heaviest teaching days are my partner’s non-teaching days, and his teaching days are my non-teaching days… meaning we have no non-teaching days off together when we can pack up and drive our belongings to other parts of the country.

So we’ve been doing a bit of project planning and wrestling, bringing our research skills into play… and I look forward to seeing some 4* outputs as a result (non-academics amongst you- this is geek chat!). We’ve been really lucky that family members have offered to help out with both storage and transport- now its just a case of getting down into the weeds and working out precisely what needs to come with us and what needs to be packed up, what (ideally) we would still like to ship, and what we can afford to get rid of.

After the insance shipping cost debacle we pursued a couple of possible options:

  1. (significantly) reducing the amount of stuff we ship out, but still shipping some belongings (we don’t have a choice of carrier as my employer only uses the one).
  2. Paying additional costs to take an extra suitcase each on our flights instead of shipping (obviously this significantly limits the size of what we can take but that’s just the way it goes)
  3. Airfreighting additional suitcases (with the same size constraints as the cases coming with us, but without the bonus of them arriving at the same time as we do)
  4. Taking nothing but the absolute bare minimum which will fit in our one allocated suitcase and buying everything we need (home furnishings, personal belongings, technology) out in Australia
  5. Paying to store the remaining belongings in a near by storage company facility (at a cost of around £700 per year)
  6. Renting a van and packing up everything ourselves (that we can’t take) and storing with a kindly family member
  7. Chucking/selling anything we can’t take with us and just committing to rebuying anything we need when we need it- a kind of ultimate spring clean!

So far 2. is proving to be (also) ludicrously expensive so that’s probably a no. We are still waiting on a quote for 3 (although my partner informs me that from his research this looks possible- although that means we won’t have a TV…). We’re looking into the cost of a van (as 5 seems crazy to me as we don’t know where we’ll be coming back to!).

The only bit of this I am looking forward to is chucking out of sheaves of my partner’s paperwork which he was originally going to ‘go through’ when he moved in over a year ago… I love a good throw out!


Image: By ©, CC BY-SA 4.0,


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