There are currently lists all over my flat. On the lounge floor, on the coffee table, on the dining table, on my desk, on my bedside table, on my laptop. I am awash in a sea of lists!

There are so many of the damned things I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed. There are just so many different puzzle pieces of things that need doing, things that need storing, things that need packing, things that need sending, things that need buying… one list just isn’t able to cover it all. And consequently the lists are everywhere.

Everywhere there are things I need to do. Should be doing. Should have/need to have done. As a result, in a rush of feeling completely overwhelmed I have spent the last half an hour curled up on the sofa in a state of nervous disintegration. What a lemon.

The irony (?) is that things are going relatively smoothly… I think. We have ironed out the kinks in the shipping planning (using air freight for a small amount of extras, and hiring a van to take the rest of the stuff for storage in my long-suffering parents’ loft). We have all the paperwork (I think) we need to enter the country- flights, visas, places to stay.

I still have work stuff here to sort- corrections to finish and send off, student emails to respond to by the batch as their essay deadline approaches, and then their essays to mark.

But really… does that all sound too much? I suspect it is largely the fear that I have forgotten something important that is driving the nerves. Hence the need for lists… despite the fact the damn things, in some ways, seem to be making it worse… nightmare!


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