one. teeny. tiny. week.



My partner and I have been packing like loons since Monday morning. We have boxes EVERYWHERE. Decided what to take, what to air freight, what to store at my parents and what to toss/donate takes a fair amount of time and energy! I confess I kind of love a big clear out, but I HATE it when everything is a mess. And everything is a mess.

So I’ve spent this morning in particular being a grumpy little sh*t. And it’s not really necessary- my partner has made LOADS of progress clearing up and out his stuff- which is good as he is working from tomorrow until we leave which is a bit exciting. I’ve been fitting my own efforts in around teaching- 3 hours yesterday, 2 hours today.



Update since yesterday- I have spent 12 HOURS packing. And it still looks a state, and trying to fit everything I wanted to take in a suitcase… tricky! Sorry for the short posts. I. Am. Knackered!


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