I’m here II

So one was the getting here bit. This is the where I’m staying bit.  I’m  desperately trying to fight the jetlag, the siren call back to bed.., but know that if I go that route I’ll be wide awake at 3am… which will be annoying!

So it’s a cute little place I have here. The lounge/kitchen and patio are particularly  lovely. The shower, super important after that long a flight is hot and reasonably powerful, everything is clean and there is space to hang and store clothes… so naturally I have dumped everything on the floor for now!!

Canberra remind’s me slightly of parts of california in the way the residential roads feel quite major because they are wide and there are plenty of cars.  One thing I noticed when I first arrived was that it SMELT like Australia  when I got out of the taxi.  I’ve no idea what the smell of Australia is but my brain was instantly  like “oh yeah this smells of Canberra”. Weird things brains!

The other thing I really noticed was the bird song.  It’s SO different from home and I love listening to the birds chattering away.  As I left the UK our local area was full of blackbird, robin and thrush song, twittering, tweeting, singing. Interspersed with the caws and chatters of magpies.  Here more things seem to hoot, caw and cackle. As I got out  of the taxi a cockatoo with a bright yellow crest swooped into a nearby tree, and something like a large Jay with powder pink wings hopped between trees as I fought with the stiff new keys to get into the apartment.  I also nearly trod on a dragonfly the size of my head when I went to find the keys in their hiding spot!

The flora and fauna are definitely  going to be things that keep my interest whilst I’m here!


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