I’m here.

OK so I haven’t been great at posting over the last week because it has been MENTAL, and in the times when I thought I’d post I decided to sit and share at a blank wall instead. Turns out, moving to another country is quite demanding!  And I’ve been able to leave the last bits and pieces on the perennially broad shoulders of my partner. Who, admittedly, was sounding a bit frazzled when we last spoke!

So flights were… fine. I admit I was secretly hoping for some perks for travelling on my own and on my birthday. No such luck! But the flights were still fine. Emirates has much nicer planes and better entertainment systems,  Quantas has much better food and drink. I didn’t  sleep much, for me anyways,  but was lucky enough to have two seats to curl up across on both big flights. One thing I cannot recommend enough was an impulse  buy at the airport which tuned out  to be The Best : Sanctuary Spa’s  reverse beauty sleep mask. Totally fabulous, smelt divine and felt wonderful!  I also packed a flannel in a plastic bag which came into its own at various airports / moments!  (Man, is that some toiletries related overexcitement!)

I arrived in Canberra  on a domestic flight. So went through customs and immigration at Sydney. They seem to manage to be thorough and friendly here. Everything was easy. Except moving my enormous  case from international to domestic!  Can’t pack light for 18 months! It was easy to find my air bnb accommodation and the local friend who the property owners had tasked with leaving me the key etc seems wonderfully friendly and sweet. She’s  offered to show me the local area and also when it started with torrential rain has sent me a list of take aways for my first night!  #perfect


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