Night on the tiles

Last night I caught up with some friends who had previously lived and worked in the UK and one of their colleagues . It’s felt really nice already having a couple of locals to call on! So over beers and wine I grilled them about mobile phone contracts, bank accounts, flat rentals and the craziness of aussie rules football. They coped well with the never ending stream of qs and we had a merry old time, having a couple of drinks at The Bent Spoke brewery ( before heading to eat at a place strangely reminiscent of the Digbeth dining club. The Digbeth dining club is a space where various pop up eateries collect around big tables and a main bar. Here in Canberra there is a space with a similar philosophy  (need to dig out the name! #fail). So whilst I ate a Peruvian burrito,  my friends had Indian curry and some kind of crazy chicken and bacon burger. We could also have had souvalaki (which is essentially kebab, but you don’t need to be half cut to enjoy!), Thai food, hotdogs… (and aussie food at somewhere inadvisably called  ‘The Spit Shack’ !) etc. Finding space at a table was easier than expected,  and there were pop up bars to buy drinks at. The place closed too early,  it was my round at about 10 when the bars began to close up (10?!!) So we departed to try out a local joint called The Civic. It was awesomely awful in some ways, like a Wetherspoons in Worthing,  with over dressed girls sipping alcopops, pool tables (which actually  looked great for another day) and a different sport on each of three of four tvs, and a music video on the other.  Nearly midnight was kicking out time for The Civic, and probably just as well with my jetlag. My friends kindly walked me home,  they don’t live too far away thankfully, as I’m still liable to get lost and the public transport system here stops crazy early.

** Updated! I found out what it’s called! The Hamlet! **

So this morning I’ve woken up to more sunshine but a decided coolness in the air. I’m curling up with yesterday’s newspaper which I haven’t read yet before cracking on with a weekend if essay marking! Living the dream 🙂


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