So today has mostly looked like this:

I found the right bus stop to get on and off at… and then walked the wrong way.  I did eventually find both the national portrait gallery and national gallery, which are brilliant.  I particularly wanted to check out the Kenneth Tyler print collections ( which was beautiful, colourful, abstract and fabulous… but too short for my liking. I had some lunch of a massive fruit salad and glass of Sav Blanc sat on the patio cafe outside the Portrait Gallery and did some marking, sharing a table and conversation with a gentleman who worked in the education sector and who had spent his week meeting with various ministers. I’m still struggling on occasion to pick up everything people say, the accent throws me out in unexpected ways and there are only so many times in a single conversation when you can say “sorry?” but otherwise it was all rather convivial (which I think is an peculiarly excellent word).

Once I’d made it round the National Gallery I pottered outside into the sunshine and tried to plot a route home. I successfully made it back to the bus stop, in significantly less time than it had taken to get there, but discovered there was a 40 minutes wait for the bus I wanted and my feet, wearing shoes I hadn’t worn in abut 9 months, were no longer on speaking terms with me. The bus timetable revealed that I could catch a bus to the city centre in a much shorter amount of time and either wait for another bus or walk from there. So when a 900 arrived I hopped on, as much to give my fat and slightly blistered feet a break as much as for anything else. Once in the city centre the timetables revealed another half an hour wait for the necessary buses (Canberran public transport is shocking at the weekends for a capital city!) and so I hobbled back on foot, screwing up my feet so that the shoes rubbed on a different part for a bit. I occupied myself with the irritating recollection that all of my handbags are/were packed in my partners cases (part of volume/weight packing trade) and consequently for my first day in my new job am currently faced with the option of taking a canvas tote bag emblazoned with ‘Totes Amaze Balls’ (awesome, but not quite appropriate) or a pencil case doubled up as a ‘clutch’ bag… excellent. Perhaps this provides the necessary excuse for a short shopping trip tomorrow…  #silverlinings


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