Confusing signs, bags and brunch

Today I brunched (is that a word?!) at an awesome place in Lonsdale street  (so proud I now know which one this is and how to get there!). I was served by the same girl who was my waitress at the Lonsdale street cafe, where I’d  asked what road I was on… and she still gad the same air of tortured malaise as the first time.  I must confess I’ve been a tiny but baffled by this in some if the coffee shops in Braddon where the occasional  “too cool for school” vibe appears to be being trialed. Alternatively it may have been because I ordered a glass of sav blanc to go with my super-duper healthy (and it has to be said extreme  tasty) green power bowl (or something with a similarly chlorophyll-y name! ). In my defence I did brunch at 1pm, not 10am or something! 

Anyways whilst I was sat outside munching in greens and sipping something fabulous from Marlborough (Christ this sounds like something off ‘Made in Chelsea’! ) I saw this slightly weird sign… 

so you see the white sign on the right? There was a matching one in the left. They read: no standing between signs.  It had been a slow morning so I wasted some of the afternoon wondering why and coming up with various weird reasons for their existence, largely to to with being portals to another realm or the 12th dimension. But in all honesty I am none the wiser.  Thus far I have resisted the temptation to go and stand between the signs and wait to see what happens… gosh it’s all super excitement here!  

And in other news I found a work appropriate bag in the sale #win. It has no writing on it whatsoever and I can fit mire than just a couple if pens in it! 


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