First day at school

*meant to go before prev post, sorry! * 

I’d forgotten  just what a weird mix of terror and boredom a first day is, albeit on a reasonably good first day like this one there is also a good measure of excitement and interest piqued.  Like all other first days it began with a lot if paperwork which highlighted for me the remaining tasks which I NEED to get done like opening a bank account and getting a mobile phone contract sorted.  There were lots of forms I had to fill out which related to stuff I’ve filled out before but which were laden with new and somewhat confusing terminology. By the time I’d completed the firms I think the HR team was wondering why on earth I’d been hired!  In comparison the meeting with my new boss was excellent and really regalvanised my desire to get stuck in- yay! 

There are going to be lots of interesting facets about working here,  not least the huge numbers of students in various military uniforms!  I’ve found where all the canberrans who aren’t wearing athletic gear are wearing  and it turns out the alternatives include a variety if fatigues and kinds of dress uniforms,  including some replete with (much posher) versions of my cork hat without the corks!  

Another thing which has become painfully clear is that we are most definitely  going to need a car. It took me over an hour thus morning to make a journey that is 15 min by car, and I am sat now waiting for the once every half hour bus having just missed the previous one. 

With these personal administrative tasks in mind I’m off to the city to set up (or at least try to set up) a bank account a good news item is that we get paid fortnightly and I need somewhere for them to send the dollars!)


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