Today has been a bit trickier, I seem to have run out of some of my careless adventuring energy. Or run low at least.  I had a lovely time at ‘brinner ‘ with the neighbours last night… although now I’m a bit worried I was gabbling like and idiot who hasn’t had much human interaction for a few days… because  that kind of is the case! Thank goodness for Internet connections otherwise I think I might have gone completely crazy already! 

So this morning started early,  again. My body clock is reasserting itself with jetlag. But that meant I made a good start on some paperwork stuff: relocation expenses and receipts. I really didn’t want to go outside bit needed  to get to somewhere I could work, so I’ve forced myself outside and into the city. In the process of doing so two good things have appeared,  firstly this: 

So in the garage, not only can you get your (Australian equivalent of an) MOT and you CAR washed, you can also send spot the dog in for a quick freshen up. It’s like a large plastic box which sprays your pet with various unguents and then blasts it with a blow dryer.  I’m not yet sure if this is genius or barbaric!  

Second awesome thing was this: 

A totally amazing ice creamy milkshake made with banana,  honey and malt. I sat drinking this in the cafe plotting and doodling some work ideas, and tried my damn-dest not to order a second. I was successful.  Just.


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