A taste of home

So today has also been a little grey and frustrating. I went ALL THE WAY to another university library (it wasn’t *actually* that far but with my laptop etc it was starting to feel it!) and found that my login at my place of work hadn’t quite been updated yet meaning I couldn’t utilise the wider Eduroam network. AND they only had one of the three books that I wanted, despite the fact I had checked online before I left that they had all three- BOO! I also got lost on the campus, managed to get directions to the wrong library, and consequently arrived at the library pretty knackered. Now I know I’ve been spoilt with a new library at my old university, but my word was this one looking in need of some updating! To be far they were working on it, but the building site coverings hanging against some of the windows just served to make the place seem even more in need of light and a spruce up. (Yes maybe I’m bitter that I went *all that way* for nothing!).


I then decided to cut my losses and try to get to the main Australia National Library which is the other side of the lake. I got directions from a friend who I happened to see in the vicinity (weird!- bumping into him that is, not the friend!) and set off. The sun had sort of come out by this point and I’d already stuffed my coat in my bag (it was cold this morning) and so I sweated my way gently around Lake Burley Griffin until I thought I had arrived at the library. I hadn’t. Somehow I had misinterpreted the directions and instead ended up at the National MUSEUM. I decided to make the best of it and have lunch sat looking out over the lake (I’d tell you it was shockingly expensive, but I think that’s losing the capacity to shock now). Replenished I got out my enormous “I am a tourist” map of Canberra to find out how to walk from there to the Library. Turns out, I couldn’t, not without massively back tracking on myself anyways. Instead of crossing the lake over a bridge (which I swear I had done) I had managed to get myself to the furthest point of a spit of land cut off from the rest of the lakeside. Nice.

I know a lake doesn’t SOUND big, but look (even looking at that now I’m not entirely sure where I was!):


I then consulted my trusty bus route map and was delighted to discover that despite being in completely the wrong fricking area there was a bus that, ostensibly, would take me really quite close to where I wanted to be. I high tailed out of the cafe, asked directions to the bus stop, FOUND the bus stop and checked out the times. The next bus I wanted was in 1 hour and 40 minutes. I’m not going to lie, by this point I was feel a tad frustrated so when I saw that a bus (taking me almost directly back to my apartment door) pull up I jumped aboard.

In the end I was quite glad I came home when I did. Half an hour after closing the door and sagging into a heap onto the sofa whilst gazing deliriously at the kettle, a parcel arrived. It was our airfreight parcel (or more accurately suitcase). It has in it wonders like my sofa blanket, some work-friendly pairs of shoes, a couple of autumnally suitable jumpers, books!, a packet of photographs and a myriad of other wonders. Suffice to say, this injection of homey goodness banished the blues and I have since been merrily working away, sat in bed (because there is the most sunlight there… honest!) feeling decidedly more human. I might even venture out later for a celebratory beer 🙂


(Images courtesy of WikiCommons, licensed for re-use)


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