Yesterday at the library, during a break from my research, I went in search for some books about Australia’s Flora and Fauna. I found plenty. And I found this:

poisonous plants of Aus

Now admittedly its the four large volumes on Australian Flora that initially catches your eye, but look at the book to the left. Look at the size of that beast! That suggests that quite a plethora of poisonous plants are lurking around. In fact, this morning I walked past a sign (which I neglected to photograph for some reason) warning you against eating in the area because of some deadly toadstools (and this was on a standard residential street) AND warning you that you are likely to be attacked by Magpies in the area (the recommendation was to wear a cycle helmet at all times or carry an umbrella. Now of all the things I was concerned about aggravating in this vast and deadly land, Magpies were not on my list.  Here have a picture of the beginnings on autumn here instead of a sign warning about Magpies… much prettier and less frightening!




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