The Munch Bunch

Today in “holy shit that’s expensive”, here is a photo of ,y not hugely extensive lunch: egg salad sarnie, can of pop and bag of crisps. In the UK this would be a fairly dull meal deal available for the princely sum of £3.50 or $5-6 AUD.

But here, at the only on campus shop/cafe this cost a phenomenal $10.80. I mean I don’t mind paying more for the insane brunch food they serve up in hipster heaven but for what is basically a boots meal deal… Christ I need to start making my own lunches! In their defence the crisp packets are huge and likely to last me most of the working week. Look:


In other news today I made it the extended distance to a remote bus stop, so I didn’t have to get two buses (saving a cool $2.49 get me!) And only got slightly lost! Hurrah! I also now have an office, with a window,  which I am super excited about. I still haven’t managed (even with the assistance of IT services) to get my email up and running but. .. baby steps!



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