Sydney: sunshine and storms

So this weekend I drove to Sydney to pick up my partner and to stay at his brother’s. Because I had a bit of spare time I decided to take a scenic route rather than the direct route. I drove across country to Bateman’s bay and then up the coast from there. It was beautiful and FAR. I know Australia is huge and about half way in, past the point of no return, I wondered why in the earth I had decided to turn a 3.5 hour drive into a 5.5 hour one! I should mention though,  given that I’ve managed to get lost INSIDE a library this week that I had splashed out on sat nag with my rental car.

Even though it was a long drive it was really beautiful a lot of the time,: rolling hilly countryside dotted with spike shrubs and herds of cows; stunning stunning vistas out over the coast (although there could have been more of this please), canopies of ecalyptus trees hanging over tortuous mountain roads, and a sunset so gloriously pink it was almost tacky. Driving in Sydney itself was slightly less fun with awkward road layouts and with my unerring ability to turn the windscreen wipers on when I wanted to indicate the last 20mins was more stressful than the whole of the rest of the drive. Having safely made it to my destination after really quite a long drive it’s not too surprising that the rest of the evening is a delightful blur of cocktails around Paddington!

Sunday was gloriously warm, hot even. We staggered to a local brunch place to make up for the lack of dinner the night before, then strolled down to a bayside park,  cooed at the local dogs, played “when I am a millionaire” with the surrounding properties and yachts, and the shuffled home for a recuperative nap.  By the time we came to drive to the airport the 360 degrees of blue sky had gathered into a brooding mass of bruised storm clouds,  and the rain kicked off in earnest. My partner’s brother had jokingly mentioned that when flights are diverted from Sydney due to bad weather they are sent to Canberra,  and we’d laughed about how ironic it would be if my partner ended up in Canberra when I’d come to collect him from Sydney.  Now sat in traffic in torrential rain, with forks of violet lightening splitting the sky we watched on the flight tracker app as his plane appeared to turn away from Sydney and back towards Canberra…

But fortunately they just circledon’t a couple of times waiting for the storm to pass before finally landing on a sodden runway and staggering off what had been a rather turbulent end to a very long flight!


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