House Hunting

Today we went to our first apartment viewing. Here the rental market is, apparently, super competitive. This means that it is unlike the UK where  you call up the letting agent and make an appointment at both your convenience, stroll around the place imagining yourself there (or not), consider for a day maybe, stroll down to the agency, sign some forms that they send off, get the OK from the credit agencies,  and then look at contracts, amend and sign  (and pay a bond). Here anyone who is interested in the place bundles in together for the same max 1 hour viewing period, stumbles around each other and the current resident’s belongings, comes with the “application form” ( honestly it’s like a job form ) filled out, signed and with photocopies of relevant ID and letters saying you earn money and beg the teenage letting agent to consider you worthy to pay them money for a year.  It’s a strange sensation!

So, we’ve applied. I’ve no idea what happens next, except that if you aren’t successful you don’t here from them. This feels a bit like waiting for a date… except that its about waiting for housing!

That said I’ll be pleased when we are sorted. I’m not hugely keen on trying to get this stuff arranged- the uncertainty doesn’t sit well with me. But I’m sure we’ll find something 🙂


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