So it turns out we got really lucky with the whole housing thing and our application was successful. The advice to turn up with everything filled out and with copies of the necessary I.D. was great advice!

This means that, pending signing all of the relevant paperwork and handing over all of our money we should be living here in a couple of weeks:

Screenshot 2017-04-16 07.40.06.png

Things I am really excited about include living just off Batman street, yes that’s for real! The fact that it comes with most of the furniture which means we won’t have to spend a fortune furnishing it – yay! It is slightly under our original budget too! It has a north facing balcony,  which in this hemisphere means lots of sunshine and it’s 30 secs  (rather than 20mins) walk to the bus stop for work. Win!

We do have a slightly exciting four day gap between one rental ending and the other starting, but we’ll work out something!! #adventure


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