Work, Glorious Work

No really, that’s not a sarky title. I’m loving it. I was nervous about leaving the old place because it was the longest I’d been in one institution/job as an adult, and I was worried about the stress of being ‘the new girl’. I was worried about all the little things (which might make me sound silly and shallow but which I’m hoping others might understand!) like getting the dress code right (Australia is relaxed, but I’m part of a kind of military college- which is uniform smart), about remembering people’s names, about learning what kind of new boss I have and how we can best work together, about working out how long my commute is, about how formal people are about titles and positions, about what people here would make of my research etc and ad nauseum.

And, to date, its been pretty fab. In all honesty I hadn’t really spent much time looking at the work project I had suggested since I was offered the job- PhD, and then packing and organising took over. But it’s been nice to go back to the proposal and think- oh yeah, that looks kinda interesting!- and that I am looking forward to getting stuck into some research. So far everyone who I have met is lovely. I haven’t made any faux pases on names yet- although I imagine that’s in the pipeline somewhere. People here really are super friendly- I swear if every sales person here was like the guy who sorted my bank account out then I would be INSANELY broke when I got back to the UK. Fortunately for my financial health most of the lovely people haven’t been trying to sell me anything and have just been happy to help. How lovely.




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