Boaty McBoatFace

For a while my partner and I have had a running game of trying to find the person wearing a t-shirt with the world’s stupidest statement emblazoned on it. We’ve had some goods ones: ‘J’aime le mauvais garcons’, ‘I need to be a less controlling girlfriend’, ‘This dad loves his kids’ and ‘My last girlfriend died’. The last one is a Canberra find and I’m not sure if it was a plea for sympathy (weird), a threat (frightening) or a mistranslation of something (sad). Anyways this has kept us entertained for a while.

Since arriving in Canberra however, the game has taken a new slant… for me anyways, as I have been steadily more baffled and exasperated by the names of housing blocks. We’ve got the standard ones either named after someone or with homey sounding names: Allenby, Bellevue, (the still slightly wanky sounding) Indigo… but they’re all wearable.


We’ve also got: ApARTments (yes spelt like that to emphasize just HOW supremely arty they are… not hugely arty it has to be said), as well as:

Rex apartments: for the insecure man who needs his address to boost his confidence. Which is next door to the Aston apartment block (is that supposed to be like Aston Martin?!)

The slightly eye-rolling ‘Manhattan on the Park’ (not anywhere near Manhattan or the park that that refers to but it is overlooking the equally desirable Glebe Park… so, you know.

Yesterday I walked passed a new build, cleverly titled: “Envy”- subtle, but I see what you are doing there.

And today we walked passed Space and Space 2 (or squared)- sounds homey…

Perhaps all of this is really about coming to terms with the fact that we are going to be living in a place called Gatsby… but hey, that’s a hell of a load better than Envy! And at least its not “gaTSbY” or “Gatsbie”..


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