What’s your star sign?

Fortunately not a story about bad chat up lines but I’d totally forgotten the best part about the Sydney trip. Actually not really the best part, and waaaaay too gimmicky for my other half but anyways…. The hotel we stayed in (which was quite lovely and reasonably priced- although we did get a deal), called The Ultimo (awesomely terrible name there) asked our star signs when we checked in and then gave us astrologically tailored recommendations for our time in Sydney. Shame we didn’t really have any spare time in Sydney to test them! They also “up-graded” us to a family room which I’m pretty sure is really code for “we overbooked the doubles and now we only have family rooms left”, which made my partner raise an eyebrow or two, but which was still lovely.  Besides,  they gave me a fortune cookie when we checked our so I was a happy bunny! *update *: blindingly disappointed to discover my fortune cookie does not promise a glorious cash windfall, a tall dark had some stranger (although I’m good with the one I’ve got 😉 ), or anything remotely delightful or even thought provoking. Instead is says: “enjoyed your stay?  Leave a review on trip advisor ” boo! 


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