Musical homes

Saturday we moved out of our previous flat and into a new one, for four days. We are now packing pros. I wasn’t looking forward to the change, we’ve done so much moving around over the last month (my partner even more do) that it’s left us feeling a bit… unstuck. I really liked staying in our last place, I loved the patio and plants in particular. Also we’re staying for these days on a much busier road,  slightly further from Braddon and the town centre, and more of a tricky journey into the office. So it was a pleasant surprise just how sweet this place is. The owners had left lots of instructions and a little basket if goodies. There is a balcony on both sides and a gym and a pool on site.  Some perks we didn’t know about. So I’ve tried to stow my bitching and reflect how lucky we are to be able to stay in these lovely places 🙂 and in 4 days we’ll be moving into a place longer term and maybe Canberra will start to feel slightly less like a place we’re visiting and more like somewhere we’re living. 


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