Social butterflies 

In addition to moving home, we’ve packed lots of social entertainment into this weekend. Friday night we had the neighbours of our previous home, on our last night there, round for dinner. They brought their sweet little dog with them and met my partner. We had a lovely evening with plenty of food, wine and chatter it was great. Saturday we packed up and moved into another temp apartment (See previous post) but topped off a pretty dull morning of tidying with a visit from my partner’s brother and his partner. They both live in Sydney and we wanted to show them that Canberra is better than people think. Although in some of our efforts Canberra did not help itself!  

We had dinner at The Bent Spoke, a microbrewery / all round beer place with great chips! Or “hot chips” as they’re known here.  We then walked across town to The White Rabbit,  which turned out was being used for a private function until 10, so we strolled into the area around the main uni here to test out The Wig and Pen which lots of people had recommended to us. It was closed. As we’re all the bars around the uni. Maybe it’s because it’s easter break but bads being closed  on a Saturday night is a bit baffling. We stumbled across a minimalist beer place, all grey walls, concrete, and wooden tables and had a drink. I can’t remember what it was called but I’ll try to look it up when I’m next in town. As it was now after 10, we went back to The White Rabbit, which was gloriously rowdy. And then wandered into the city centre to a first floor bar called Hippo Company, which did some interesting cocktails and provided great people-watching of the various groups and individuals coming and going through the plaza type area below. 

This morning we were all feeling a touch fragile and repaired to The Elk and Pea for some huge and quite costly brunches. I am now thinking I’m rather glad thus place has a pool and gym so I can try to work some of this booze and food off! 


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