Poor little rich kid

So I know I’ve been bitching like a queen. But I’m mostly over my funk. We’ve had a small infestation of cockroaches in our new flat (so endearing). So today we bought bug traps and a couple of bug bombs (which were kind of awesome) and then we left the flat to wallow in its chemically goodness for a couple of hours.  In which time we bought more stuff for the flat. My God am I glad we have a partially furnished place or I think my bank might gave cried! 

When we got back the apartment was full of an interestingly chemically smell and a fine mist.  So we opened all the doors,  turned on the heating (to get the air moving) and sat in our coats in the balcony. However, my partner had discovered an excellent bottle of fizz reduced to the magnificent price if $7, a complete steal.  So we popped a Cork an watched the roach killing death mist disperse! Wonderful! (I had got out a couple of nightlights to set the scene… and then thought that the spray was likely flammable!) 


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