Local Produce

I decided I wanted to find out a bit more about what local produce we can buy here that we can’t buy at home or that is particularly expensive because its come from a distance (to the UK). So I found some websites which listed which fruits and veggies are available during which seasons in our area (although confusingly this was NSW not ACT for these purposes). One of the delights which I hadn’t previously stumbled across was the custard apple. A fruit that tastes a bit like apple and a bit like custard. I had in my head that this healthy, and in season (therefore inexpensive) fruit would be a bit like eating an apple crumble but with fewer calories and more vitamins. Sounds like a win!

So I bought one. The price looked huge but was listed by kilo (as lots of fruit and veg is here) so I figured I was ok. #error. Looking at my receipt the damned thing cost me a cool $7.40. For a fruit. A single fruit. That’s 40 cents MORE than the bottle of prosecco I had bought. JEEZ! Here is a picture of the offending item:

custard apple cropped

Still, I tried not to be mad- after all, prosecco (whilst delicious and refreshing) does not include too many vitamins (mores the pity) and does not constitute one of my five a day (despite being made largely from grapes…!). So, we had custard apple for desert one evening (after I had sulked about the price for a couple of days and drunk the prosecco to get over the shock). We looked up online how to serve it- it has lots of big black seeds inside- and went for the still relatively healthy serving with yoghurt (and some rockmelon- which is also in season, does not cost $$$, and tastes fantastic). It wasn’t great. In fact I could just about make myself eat it… which really isn’t selling the custard apple. Turns out it’s less appley-custard and more squidgy with a suggestion of custard.


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