Stranger things

Today we have been working in the gloaming of the National Library. It’s a nice building with plenty of comfy working spaces. But in comparison with the weather outside, the trees shedding their summery dresses for autumnal fare- reds, golds, bronzes, oranges, yellows…. all blazing against a wide sweep of the blue-est blue. Wonderful.

The other joy of working in the national library is the other people who come and work here. Last time we were here we sat at a small table, which had three seats around it. Myself in one, my partner in another. We’d been there about 5 minutes when a man came over, sat down without a word, plonked his feet on the table and promptly fell asleep for the next 30 minutes. After which he got up without a word or acknowledgement…

This time, we are using two computers, and there is a gentleman sat next to my partner, apparently doing some detailed work in… paint. I’m not sure what the start of the conversation was but, when I was chatting to my partner (quietly, in hushed tones, this is a library after all), this man suddenly announced to my partner that he wasn’t gay. (Not sure what the appropriate response to that is). He then proceeded to tell my other half (not in hushed tones, he hadn’t read the library users guide!) that he didn’t want him (my partner) to think he was hitting on him, because he was a strange man talking to him in a library, because he wasn’t gay. Not, he proceeded to announce more widely to the room, that he had any problems with the LGBT community, but he didn’t want my partner getting the wrong idea (i.e. getting hopeful?!).

My partner HATES being the centre of attention, and being loudly informed by a stranger that he isn’t gay (the stranger… too many he’s in this), in the middle of a quiet library has made him go a fetching shade of pink. That feels kind of appropriate. 😉


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