Back on the Mat

Today I went to sign up for the work gym. It’s free. A. FREE GYM. Awesome. I’m amazed (ok, not really) that I haven’t already signed up and got stuck in. In all honesty, there has been quite a lot of eating food going on over the last month, and not a lot of exercise (if you discount the almost daily experience of getting lost- and I guess that really just tended to be a slow walk), and my jeans are tighter than I’d like. If I’m not careful sitting down in them will soon result in a need for corrective surgery.

I went to a yoga class in town. Just one. The class was lovely, but the room was too small, and being wedged in with lots of other stretching bodies made me feel claustrophobic rather than relaxed and reinvigorated. So I didn’t go back. Also the classes were all either 6am or 6pm, and there’s no hope of me making it to the morning one- I don’t currently have that discipline and I failed on making the evening ones- exhausted by the new experiences of each day… or some such similar excuse.

Back to today- the jeans are tight, I need a break from my computer, my partner is away so I need something gainful to do in the evenings to stop me from having conversations with the plant… so I go sign up. Or try to sign up. They only offer inductions (which I have to have) one day a month – ONCE, and I’ve just missed on (of course I have). Poop. I ask if I can just use the pool without the induction, or even some mats to stretch out on (that’s the aim- to do yoga in the middle of the working day as a brain break). But sadly not (and the heater in the pool is apparently broken).

My plan of ‘getting fit before Thai beaches’ and ‘whilst the other half is away’ is so far not looking too hopeful. But I’m going to try to use the impetus to remember to download (we still have no internet in the flat!) the latest videos from my favourite online yoga instructor (cannot recommend her enough: and maybe explore some of the other options for fitness in Canberra- maybe another yoga studio (although now its dark early in the evening the prospect of plodging out to a class is not too appealing!), maybe a dance class, maybe I’ll go for a run… what?! It has happened before! In the mean time, its back to work. At least I got a walk to the gym in 🙂


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