I’m not going to lie.  Today hasn’t been going quite to plan.  It started well,  I did some chores I had told myself I’d do yesterday, the sun is shining and I had a good planning session  first thing.  Then I walked into the corner of the bed and cracked (felt like literally)  my right knee cap.  There was swearing.  I took my vote -by-proxy forms to the post office.  Or I thought I had.  In fact,  I’d carefully filled out the forms and left them at home.  Win.  Straight to the national library then, I think, I walk to the bus stop. Checking the bus times on my phone I walk SMACK into a concrete bench- I think I may have also broken my left shin bone. Awesome. Long wait for the bus,  so I decide to be canny (why, today of all days?!) and get a sooner bus (although it’s a bit of a walk at the other end) . Turns out,  it’s the wrong bus,  the red rapid rather than the blue rapid and it goes to the other side of the city.  Balls.  I cross the road and get the bus BACK into the city centre. As we pull in I see the bus I want waiting at the next door stop, people are still getting on it- YES! Card reader on the bus I’m on breaks, I waste precious seconds trying to ‘tap off’. My other bus leaves (there may have been more swearing). Now I’ve got another 20 minutes to kill, so I pop over to a local burrito shop (I’ve already been to a burrito café/restaurant here and it was awesome-  I have high hopes), the staff seem confused to have a customer, which isn’t promising. The food is terrible- the chicken seems to be ground up mush and the rice isn’t cooked. By the time I fall onto the correct bus and fall out again at the National Library I am somewhat exhausted. Thank goodness for a more productive afternoon!! *Brought to you through the medium of half a pack of ibuprofen so my knee will bend enough to sit down*

On the plus side, the weather is GLORIOUS- sunshine with a touch of cool. The trees are dressed in their autumnal best, shades of copper, gold, ruby, peach… the works. And I got to share my cup of tea (to soothe my shattered nerves (and knee cap?!) with this awesome dude/tte:



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