Happy Friday!

Hello lovely people, today I am decidedly more jolly than I was last time I posted. Yesterday I made it to and from work without any bus related disasters, and I went to my second free yoga class on campus. How awesome is that? FREE yoga classes twice a week. It’s such a great way to refresh during the working day- I always feel so much more productive after the class, a bit like some one has restarted my brain. So I’m all stretchy-and-bendy happy. After doing some actual writing for the first time in what felt like AGES, I went to meet some friends for dinner at an amazing Vietnamese restaurant (https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Restaurant_Review-g255057-d7761526-Reviews-Bistro_Nguyen_s-Canberra_Australian_Capital_Territory.html).

We then strolled around the corner to a crazy little bar that I have never been to before ( http://www.smithsalternative.com/). It is a mad little venue. There is a tiny, adorable, “stage” (read: raised platform with some velour wrappings) on which a jazz group were playing when we arrived. A friend’s band was playing later and the warm up act was a gauche-looking girl from Melbourne called Selkie. I’m not going to lie I wasn’t looking forward to the warm up, I was worried about warble-y, somewhat-off key singing with screwed up eyes and too much earnestness… and she was AWESOME. Her voice was almost like Adele, and she sung a great mixture of songs. Loved it and am totally going to look her up on You Tube.

My friend’s band was great, they play great country/folk/rock/fabulousness. And they were as good as the last time I saw them play. I am always amazed when I see seriously talented friends of mine excelling at another thing. A talented academic friend, it turns out, rocks at the guitar. In addition to which guitar is one of those instruments that I have never been able to get my head around- chords, hand shapes, strumming patterns… too much for me! Whilst the band rocked on, it was great to chatter to a couple of girlfriends (and to feel like I am making friends here).

Today I wrestled with medical insurance payments and setting up the internet (via ADSL- what century is this?!), which involved lots of customer service calls with questionable mobile phone reception. BUT I was (largely) triumphant and made it to the public library in one piece. I had planned to go to the city centre first and post some mail to the UK and get some lunch but was terrified of another travel debacle so I cut my losses and just waited at the stop outside the flat until the ‘direct to the library’ number 2 bus turned up.

This evening I am going to pop for a drink or two with a new colleague. I’m starting to feel a little bit more like I know what I am doing here… and that’ll do pig.


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