A long way from home

Today I’m feeling a long way from home.  It is pouring with rain (in a way that sounds lovely but which prevents any of that life-giving sunshine from showing through. There’s also a large spider just chilling on the balcony, understandably trying to keep away from the wet. I don’t mind it being there… but I have definitely closed the flyscreens- please don’t come inside Mr Spider!

I’ve tried getting stuck into various tasks- work-based, theoretically relaxing, house-keeping… and I’m not able to concentrate on anything. Last night I skyped my partner and his family and spoke via FB messenger with my parents. But I didn’t really interact with any one in-person. In general I don’t mind the odd day on my own, but I’m certainly feeling it today. Always having to remember the time difference between here and UK is mostly fine, but on days when you’re slightly lonely and at a bit of a lose end… its annoying.

I’ve got some work I actually really want to do. But when I try… nothing happens. My brain wanders off. So, I’m really glad that this afternoon I have a 2 hour yoga/deep relaxation workshop which I hope will kick start me again for the week and get my head back in the game.


update: so I continued to grumble for a bit then I found an “uplifting songs” playlist on spotify, and danced around like a loon for a bit.  Then I did some cleaning, had a shower,  did some work,  and went to yoga (AND managed to squeeze in a food shop).  Turns out, all I needed was the right soundtrack!  


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