My Sunshine Self

Today we are back to blue skies, and I am back from being blue!

After an initial ‘don’t make me get out of bed and adult’ moment first thing I have been really enjoying lots of different components of today. Which I am planning on proudly displaying to you in all their photographic glory! Firstly, I cracked out some new clothes that I bought on Friday- it has occurred to me over the last few weeks that I have bought with me from the UK ALL the wrong clothes for a Canberra autumn/winter (although I think I might do ok in the summer) and that makes it hard to look smart, and not looking smart (or at least not looking like I don’t have any clothes that go together that aren’t falling apart) makes me feel like I don’t belong here- like I’m not ready, not an adult, not good enough. Crazily shallow I know. And its not the only thing that I need to make me feel better, more human, more grownup, more in control… but sometimes retail therapy works. I have to say, right now, that I don’t necessarily do smart in the *traditional* sense, but rather embracing the Pinterest Mantra: Dress to Express not Impress. With that in mind I am rocking a pair of slightly glittery black cowboy style ankle boots (yes), with thick black tights, a egg-yolk yellow leather A-line skirt, a big cuddly taupe jumper and the most amazing technicolour snuggly scarf ever. Just try to mess with my Mojo now, go on, I dare you! lol!

As part of the settling in/I’m going to be here for a while process I’ve also started a bit of a clear out of my office. I share my office with one totally awesome lady, and soon another dude as well. At the moment the shelves are piled high with stuff from a previous research assistant and preparations for a conference (there is a pile of wrapped gifts in a box in the office corner that I have no idea what to do with currently!). I’m waiting for permission to clear the ‘real’ stuff to the research assistant’s supervisor (the RA is no longer working here), but in the mean time I have taken boxes upon boxes of unused stationery back to the stationery cupboard, and piled the various prospectuses and files, and books, and pens, and general boxes of *stuff* neatly onto some shelves. Clearing space on the shelves nearest my desk for my own collection of books and some files. It feels great. And I’m feeling slightly smug. Quite smug. Really quite smug. So smug, in fact, that I wrote my colleague and I’s names on the sign outside our door (in whiteboard marker so it will rub off if necessary, but still! #rebel).

I’ve started organising a cheese and wine night for this Wednesday evening with some local ladies. I made myself a healthy lunch, which was also tasty. During the eating of said lunch, out in the sunshine, whilst reading a great book, I was joined by a lovely little bird who helped me out with my tigerbread roll. I’ve printed some plans, I sent off some paperwork, I’ve started writing some things I have been putting off (they’re not finished but… at least I’ve put computer-equivalent of pen to paper) and now I am off to post some forms to the UK. All in all today is looking sunnier that yesterday in a myriad of ways!


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