A Bit Cheesy

Last night I hosted a little wine and cheese night for some of the local girls (women) that I’ve got to know since I arrived. It was just lovely to get everyone over to the flat and chat over a glass or two and some awesome cheese. People here have been so friendly, and the places I live never feel like home until I’ve had some kind of social event there. With my other half away I didn’t feel like I could have a full blown house warming party… it’s his house too! But this seem like a great way to sort of warm it a little… a preparatory house warming if you will!

In the morning I had popped into town to get my legs waxed before Thailand next week (EXCITED!) and had somewhat confused the staff by loving a series of coaster sized illustrations of different eyebrow styles (although in all honesty they weren’t really that different from one another!) and asking for a selection to take home. Which they kindly obliged me with, and which meant that everyone had a unique coaster for their wine glass and some unexpected information about eyebrows- a strange win!

One of the girls bought round a bag of Aussie goodies- a magazine (which I am so looking forward to digging into this evening), vegemite (YES!), tim tams (which I disgraced myself by referring to as ‘tam tams’ #awks) and minties! Just so sweet- in lots of ways!

All in all it was a rather lovely evening and I felt like I’d finally completely shaken off the blues that had settled on me last weekend. There’s nothing quite like a good chat with friends to do that. 🙂 (This post really is quite cheesy…!)


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