One more sleep!

It’s now only one more sleep before I head to Thailand to see my lovely other half, and I am super excited! I’ve already got most of my packing sorted- I’m just taking hand luggage which has been a bit of a challenge but also kind of liberating! Also just how lost do you think I am going to get in Bangkok?! Jeeps.

For lunch I started to get myself in the mood with a Thai chicken soup- which I suspect is nothing like real Thai food but it was tasty, healthy and in my fridge! (The soup is by an Aussie firm called Wild Foodies, I’ve tried four different varieties and they are super yummy!) Then I looked up the weather forecast for Bangkok… its certainly warm there (34-36 degrees) and there seems to be a daily thunderstorm which will be quite interesting!!

Screenshot 2017-05-18 13.38.17

In comparison, although its considerably cooler here in Canberra (at about 18 degrees its hardly arctic!) the sunshine is just glorious. I know I keep going on about it, but I swear I am part lizard and in need of daily rays! The leaves on the trees are still a fantastic range of autumnal colours, and they fall in orange and yellow blizzards as the breeze comes through. It’s all rather lovely! I discovered a beautiful flower yesterday, which I think is quite common here, but I haven’t seen before- readers, particularly local ones- any idea what it is?

(Apologies this post is all over the show… but I’m too excited to be more compos mentis!)



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