Start with a bang 

We’re here.  In Bangkok. And I’m not quite sure what I make of it!  I arrived late Friday night and we were both shattered. Our apartment is outside of the main tourist area,  and is decidedly bijou…  Absolutely no room to swing a cat.  But it’s safe,  clean,  and the air conditioning works- which is absolutely essential!!  Saturday we ventured into the local mall for supplies – we both only brought hand luggage (mostly taken up by laptops)  so needed to pick up shampoo /conditioner etc. It’s really warm here, and humid, and strangely enough I don’t mind it nearly as much as I thought I would.  Although sports bras are definitely the way forward and I am considering buying a parasol! We got a commuter boat into the main area of the city.  It was brilliant and mad and mad some more.  The sides of the river we belted down were fringed with an eclectic mix of tower blocks,  jungle foliage,  fallen apart piers,  shanty housing,  beautiful murals, and…  I don’t know what else!  When a boat would come the opposite direction there were cords to pull on to pull up a tarpaulin to guard you from the sprays as the boats plunged into each other’s wash!  We vibrated,  and bounced,  and made sign language to one another on our 20p trip.  And I loved it.  

I slightly less love the smells here.  The heat and humidity traps sewage-y scents,  and I’m still getting used to the slightly vomity smelly of the fish sauce cooking (which, it has to be said,  does not taste anything like the way it smells!).  I’m also learning that I cannot even really tolerate “slightly spicy” food here without involuntary weeping and swearing.  My other half who has spent plenty of time out here is more attuned to both smells and food,  and knows his way around the city in a relatively comforting manner.  

Today we discovered the neat outdoor pool at the complex and how lovely and warm, (but still refreshing) the water is.  The pool is fringed on one side by these beautiful succulent trees with white flowers,  in which I sat and watched a couple of birds tending their nest.  The other side of the pool looks out on the picturesque tower block…  But there is also a tiny green space that I’m planning on trying to do yoga on in the mornings, and I’m going to love watching those birds I can tell.  

Right now we’re off out to find some food. We’re not quite ready to try the street vendors yet, just test driving our colons with restaurant (non touristy)  food for the time being!  Watch this space.  


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