Finding space

Today we’ve been beavering away.  Writing,  marking,  emailing,  thinking. the challenge has been finding space for us both to work,  as our apartment really is teeny tiny! This morning I worked at the kitchen table and my other half on the microscopic sofa.  This was fine for a while but then they started pumping sewage outside the window and my space got a bit pongy!! So I decided to pop down to the area by the pool for a bit. I’m correcting and making notes on some printed paper so I didn’t need the laptop.  And I have to say it worked rather well.  It is certainly very warm outside but about every half an hour I could pop into the pool for 5 mins to cool off and then dry off enough to get back to work.  

This afternoon we moved from the flat into town. Commuter boat,  train,  metro.  It took all of our lunch hour but hey!  Then we settled into a cafe for the afternoon.  I wish I could tell you it was a lovely Thai cafe but the other half needed a plug point and the only place we could find them was Starbucks #shame. 

We treated ourselves to some recognisable food for dinner,  chicken wings and ribs with fries and coleslaw,  which was kind of fabulous #slightlymoreshame and this evening we are planning on watching some episodes of British masterchef! 


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