Food glorious food! 

Today I am navigating Bangkok on my own for a while.  The other half is off in another part of town doing fieldwork interviews.  I’ve successfully found somewhere that looks like it serves good but not too expensive Thai food and so I’m planning on setting up camp here for a bit with my work.  The waiters are almost Parisian in style in this place.  They aren’t sure they want to take your order,  it might be too much trouble. I can understand why people might be reluctant to take mine,  clearly I’m going to order it in English and that’s probably annoying. I have,  however,  avoided using the mode of summoning employed by a couple of gentlemen opposite-the imperative snap of the fingers or the waggle of the hand with accompanying eyebrow raise/waggle. However this seems to be getting results… I may have to try it yet!  

Update : Thai food I have miss represented you!  It. Was.  Glorious. 


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