Les escargot?! 

Today in things that baffle me:

I knew that in this part of the world white(r) skin is fetishized in the same way tanned skin is in the UK and other parts of the West.  It’s the clusterfuckery (apologies to those offended by the term!) if social beauty norms. Marketing is out there to tell us we want what we don’t have!  

But anyways,  if I climb down off that soap box for a minute… Hang on…  I was baffled by the choice of marketing here!  Here the primary whitening brand appears to be “snail white”. Now is it just me or are snails not, in fact,  white but a rather gooey greeny grey colour? And even if this isn’t a reference to wanting to look like a snail then who (and maybe I’m behind the times here) wants to put “snail extract” on their face?! Honestly,  I’m asking.  Someone explain this to me please…  


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