This evening we got a taxi back to the local food market.  We didn’t particularly need anything but it’s easier to ask the taxis to take us there than explain where our accommodation is (literally 2 minutes away). 

We pottered around the shop and picked up some milk,  paid,  went outside and apocalyptic rain was happening!! 

Like rain I hadn’t seen before.  

Rain that fell in sheets.  Like a shower.  Like a bucket being emptied,  repeatedly.  

Really,  honestly,  there are no words to describe the “dry to knee high flooding” that happened in the space of…  Oooh 10 minutes tops.  It was mad.  And wonderful.  And visceral.  And mad some more.  

I decided to peg it home.  How bad could it be?!  Tuns out,  pretty damned bad/awesome. 

My flip flops were the first to suffer.  The undertow (yes,  that’s undertow) across the entrance to the car park pulled the things out of their housing, so I was forced to leap bare foot across rivers of muddy water of questionable depth. Images of water snakes rose unbidden in my mind!  I got to our security guards who kindly lent me an Umbrella, which was sweet but largely pointless by this… Point.  I wasn’t just soaked through,  I was now so wet that my fingers had started to go all prune-y like I’d been in a bath too long!!  I got back to the flat and dropped my stuff off and then headed back out to fetch my other half and to drop the umbrella back.  I could not possibly get any wetter!! 

There was something fantastic,  exotic,  and horrible about leaping from… Ankle high water to ankle high water in an attempt to avoid the knee high water!! 

We’re both safely back in the flat now having squelched our way upstairs. Our laundry was drying on the balcony… Our clothes are hanging, dripping, from the shower cubicle.

 There are ripples of thunder still going on.  If I could open the window I would.  Nature is happening! Weather,  with a capital “W” is happening! Instead I think I’d better try to get some sleep… 


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