A little corner of paradise 

We took the overnight sleeper train from Bangkok to Chumpon. That in itself was a pretty mad experience!  We had two bunk beds but curled up together in one using the other to store our belongings. Wedged into the bottom bunk with a curtain between us and our fellow travellers,  with the upper bunk grazing our heads if we sat up it felt like we were camping,  or making a den,  or something similarly childish.  And a bit lovely. 

We arrived after little to no sleep in chumpon at 4.30 am and waited for our 6am coach to our 7am boat. Admittedly at this point some of the “adventure ” magic was starting to wear off!  But the boat out to the islands was beautiful.  The sun was mostly hidden behind gauzey clouds,  and the sea was a hazey grey-silver.  The crossing was pretty smooth and we sat on the top deck in the breeze and spray which almost wiped away the sounds of the idiots sat a couple of rows behind us.

The boat arrived into a chaos of tourists,  resort stewards,  taxi drivers and mopeds. But only a short transfer later and we were safely ensconced in our hotel.  

Although it sits on one of the few main roads here (which gives good access to the local shops and restaurants  etc) the pool in the centre and our room is secluded. Tucked away and fringed with palms. Absolutely wonderful. I’ve mostly written this laying on a sunbed as green fronds wave in the breeze…  Nice.  


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