And… Go!

I’m back in Canberra and my other half is back in the UK for another couple of weeks. And life is back on, full tilt, full speed ahead.

After doing back to back laundry for a day and one night of pretty terrible jetlag that saw me awake until 3am and then sleeping through my two alarms (!) I’ve pretty much settled back into things. Its kind of nice to be back. It feels a little bit like home. Sort of.

Tuesday night I went to the first of a series of mindfulness classes- something I’ve been meaning to do for ages and which an office mate pointed out to me (a steal of a course down from $300 to $10!). Wednesday night that same office mate came over for dinner and to discuss feminism and cyber theory… because Wednesdays. Obviously. Thursday passed in a slightly snotty blur as my body readjusted from the steamy tropical heat of Thailand to the dry cool of Canberra again. And today it’s Friday and my treat to myself, wait for it, is signing up at the doctors- which I’ve been meaning to do pretty much since I arrived in Canberra! I’ve never been to a doctor I’ve had to pay to see before… this could be interesting!

This weekend I am thinking of signing up for an introductory yoga deal at another studio- just to test them all out 😉 maybe catching some brunch with some friends and getting a bit of work done… it all feels so… normal! How surreal.


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