A thoroughly English moment 

I write this knowing its going to make me sound like a complete princess, but hey it made me laugh!  

So I went to our office kitchen to make a cup of tea yesterday morning.  It’s a cute little kitchen with way more appliances than you are usually allowed in a work kitchen at home- for example,  there is a toaster.  I had two toasters confiscated by health and safety back at my UK work place,  so this is a huge deal. Obvious by huge I mean minor.  But it does mean I can eat bagels to my heart’s content.  Having a kitchen on site is also fab because there is only one cafe/food outlet on campus and it largely caters to the fried things line of food. Which is fine once a month or so but when you are paying through the nose go r food I’d rather it had at least one vitamin in!!  

Anyhoo…  This is getting rather rambly…  I went to make a morning cup of tea (don’t drink coffee,  makes me hung over,  slightly frightened that they may throw me out of Australia for this confession!) and I’m looking through the tea bags and they “only” have Earl Grey or Lady Grey. It’s before midday and before I can stop myself I’m thinking “well I’m screwed, no tea,  you can’t have Grey in the morning”. This is of course before I shimmied into my corsets and was told off for going out of the house on my own because it’s the 1800s! 

Fortunately I discovered a stash of Lipton’s teabags hidden in a coffee pot (cheeky!) which saves the day.  I did also go back after lunch and enjoy a nice cup of Earl Grey…  

In retrospect I’m not quite sure this is worth telling but hey,  how was your day?. 



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