I’m sorry about the radio silence. I wrote a long and involved post after hearing about the attacks in London and then went away and thought that that is probably the last thing you need. You know what’s been going on (if you don’t, where have you been?!), and the last thing, the very last thing anyone needs to hear is my opinion on it all.

But then it was hard to write something flippant and uplifting. So I went away again.

But hey, uplifting and day-to-day is probably what we need. I know it’s what I need. Something gloriously mundane. So here we go.

Saturday some lovely local girl friends invited me to the cinema. We went to see 20th Century Women which is a kooky, coming-of-age film about different generations. It made me laugh (out loud and loudly- but fortunately my friends did too) and it made me weep silently and hope my mascara wasn’t running. It also made me cringe and hide behind my hands sometimes- which I figure is a good representation of teenagehood in general!


The cinema itself was also pretty awesome- the Palace Electric in Acton (http://www.palacecinemas.com.au/cinemas/electric/). It was part of a bigger building of restaurants, and possibly art galleries and a hotel. The ceilings just outside the cinema are pretty mad- lines and lines of wood, not all stuck together like wood flooring (I think I may be failing at describing this) but just…. hang on, let me give you a picture…


How wild is that? I love it, with all the lights peeping through the planks- it’s a bit like a man made tree- the pillars as the trunks, the planks as the branches, the lights the dappled shade…  BUT that wasn’t the best bit about this place. Oh no. The BEST bit, was the bar, the PROSECCO bar. YUP.


They do serve things other than prosecco, but you can imagine my joy at discovering this. Particularly as prosecco is less common here because it has to come all the way from Italy and there is a big push to buy local wines (understandably) which tends to mean more reds and sweeter whites which I’m less keen on. Understandably, I availed myself of the beverages on offer here which I think served to make the film experience that little bit sweeter… but of course.


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