Today I present you with a random amuse bouche of musings…

1. Pasta made from black beans really isn’t as tasty as it could be (even served with pesto and blanched green beans!). And finding it somewhat tasteless impairs the smug feeling you get from having remembered to pack yourself a healthy lunch.

2. I haven’t got lost in Canberra for quite some time now. Does this mean I’m starting to know my way around or am I just getting less adventurous? (My tablet autocorrected lost to osteoporosis… unexpected!)

3. Taking two yoga classes in two days after two weeks of no yoga makes it difficult (physically) to get out if bed in the morning. Which makes a change from existential dread causing accidental lie ins!

4. Reading dense texts is always easier,  or maybe just nicer, curled up on a sofa with a blanket. Ideally a non-itchy blanket and ideally bathed in sunlight (morning or afternoon I’m not picky!)

5. It’s really embarrassing when you have three degrees and are trying to convince your work mates that you are qualified for your job and you have to ask someone how to make a file work. #notevenjoking And it was quite straight forward really… I’d tried some kind of origami to get it to work… not necessary

6. This is about the right time, I feel, to start planning a housewarming party…


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