This evening I am having the least rock n roll Friday ever. I presented my PhD research to my new colleagues at lunch time and apparently was more nervous about it than I thought. Everyone was lovely and (aside from the computer shutting down before my last two slides) it all went ok. There was a strange moment, that I think a lot of people who are knee deep in their research might get. That bit where you are half way through an explanation of something theoretically in-depth and suddenly another part of your brain goes “good luck with explaining that in 5/10 minutes!” and then you suddenly worry if you a) maybe said that out loud b) aren’t getting your point across or similar. But aside from these kinks, I was pretty happy with how it went. And mostly just pleased that I’d done it. The more I get into my new project the more I lose sight of the details of my PhD and some of those details are key to explaining the point of the entire project!

When I got back, admittedly slightly earlier than usual, I sat down with a cup of tea and a the intention of reading through some papers. I woke up to cold tea just over an hour later. It fascinates me the way the body sometimes just goes “SLEEP” and you do. I have been struggling to get to sleep a little bit recently (hence the shed loads of exercise!), and it took quite some time to persuade my brain to shut off last night. Having to get up earlier than usual for an electrician and the big scary monster of “you are presenting to all your new colleagues (what if they hate it/think its shit?!)” got me out of bed rapidly this morning so I was hoping for an easier nodding off this evening… turns out “this evening” was slightly earlier than I was expecting but hey! I was planning on going to another yoga class this evening but I’ve zzzzzzz’ed my way through it!

Having the presentation today has also helped give my mind something to do whilst the British general election votes were counted. I have a love/hate relationship with watching counts. I never stay up to watch- its just too stressful, too incremental; there is too much at stake. So I usually watch the beginnings, prophesize (sp?) negative outcomes regardless of  exit or other polls and get a good night’s sleep. When I wake up, then, its just a case of a) accepting the negative outcome or b) being pleasantly surprised. I made the mistake of feeling positive about both the recent Brexit and US elections- and MAN was that a come down in the morning! Being in Australia, because of the time difference, I haven’t been able to sleep through the election count- its been buzzing away on my computer background. Had I not had a presentation to finalise and to prepare to give I think I might have actually gone insane watching each seat coming in. TBH although I have voted in this election and the outcome has been, from my perspective, more positive than expected (game plan!), I am still not sure this spells the necessary good for the British public. But hey.

Having (accidentally) napped and had a nice comforting cup of tea I think I need to get away from all of the stresses of the real world. Perhaps a film is in order.


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