During my time here you may have noticed the occasional reference to wine… or maybe more than occasional! I’ve been gradually trying a range of different wines- when I first got here because the majority of wines are around the $14 mark I was suspicious of the cheaper wines. Since my other half came home with a brilliant $7 bottle of prosecco I have abandoned those concerns and leapt joyfully into testing/tasting the offerings of the bottom shelf- particularly those on 40% discount at my local ‘bottle-o’!

Some that I have enjoyed sampling have included:

Yarra Burray Prosecco- the $7 dream, lightly fizzy, and hugely drinkable! (It’s now back up to $14 at Liquor Land- Boo! I did also try the sparkling rose- it was not good) One Small Step- Cab Merlot- the bottle I bought for the other half to celebrate his return home. It was a bit more expensive at $12 (I think might have been 14) but I’m not a big red wine lover and he is, and we both really liked it. Smooth and spicy. Rapaura- one that is currently half price in Liquor Land at $8 which I bought when I wanted a change from the prosecco (I know, I know, this is a sob story right?!). This was clean, light, a little fruit, a little mineral, fresh but without making your mouth turn inside out. Eagle Hawk- a $5 fizzy treat whilst it’s currently half price. Also surprisingly nice given its price. Light and more prosecco-y that I was expecting (not too yeasty or sweet or in anyway nasty!). Winners all round! I’ll keep you updated as I find more gems 🙂


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