Tasting Australia

My partner and I have been enjoying watching Master Chef Australia. Actually we’ve got a bit addicted. My goodness do they know their food! And the majority of the food out here, whilst it costs an arm and a leg, tastes amazing!

The other half loves to cook, and the odder the meal (or ingredients) the better. Recently we found the Great Australian Cookbook in a sale at a department store here. But it just sat on the bookshelf until he came back from the UK.

This week we watched an episode of Master Chef which included a ‘Aussie ingredients’ section and learned about quandongs (which I swear sounded like ‘condoms’ and confused me hugely!), wattle seed, wax flowers and various other delicacies that I had no knowledge of. So, after this episode the home-chef extraordinate digs into his recipe book and finds this gem: “Kangaroo steak with quandong jus and warrigal greens”. And he. makes. it. (admittedly it was a bit of a challenge to source the quandong jam) but look, look what I was served for dinner (with the addition of sweet potato mash and sauted mushrooms of course…)… I think I may encourage further adventures in this direction…



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