This little piggy went to market…

Today some friends took my partner and I to Fyshwick Markets ( These markets are a kind of Canberra institution- lots of fresh, local produce. Loads of interesting food stuffs. In addition to being able to buy all different kinds of fruit and veggies (including sugar cane- because, why not?), there is a beautiful smelling bakery, a delicatessant, a wine shop: somewhat awesomely called “Plonk” (where I discovered you can buy sparkling wine that has been made in Canberra… must try! Although it is a bit more expensive than my $5-7 bottles!), a fishmongers, a couple of butchers, and a Middle Eastern food shop. It was the latter in which we spent most of our time and money. My other half bought all of the herbs and spices. And I mean all of them. (He is still mourning over the loss of his carefully collated herb and spice collection when we moved out here- my parents were the lucky recipients and I’m not sure he’s forgiven them…). I LOVE middle eastern food and enjoy making Mezes. I was super excited to find Halva (which is a strange, powdery, sweet, crumbly dessert) that I used to have at a Lebanese restaurant near my parent’s house, and Baklava (ditto local restaurant… actually everything I bought reminded me of the wonderful food I used to enjoy there!) and stuffed vine leaves, which I love to add to a lunch time salad with feta cheese 🙂

In addition to checking out the market, our lovely friends took us to some other shops in the area (its a bit of a trek to get to by bus from our place) including a shop with plants. And we bought… all of the plants. Actually that is a lie. But we did buy some- which I am really excited about. I’ve been wanting to ‘green-up’ the flat pretty much since we’ve moved in. But moving plants around without a car is a bit of challenge! So, show some love for our new additions… How long do you think they’ll survive?!




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